Nanette Real Estate Group N.V. (Nanette) is a residential property development company active since its incorporation in the Netherlands in September 2000.
The company, through its subsidiaries, engages in identifying and developing business opportunities in the residential real estate markets of Poland, Hungary, Romania and Croatia.

Our real estate development strategy

Development territory
Nanette’s strategy is to continue expanding its business activities in the residential development market to seek additional projects in the territories it currently operates in, using its experience and knowledge in those markets. In addition, Nanette is seeking new opportunities in other CEE countries, in which Nanette’s management has an added value and the economic criteria indicators are positive.

Projects Locations
Nanette focuses its activities in capital cities and major urban areas. Nanette’s projects are the medium-high segment of the local residential market. Nanette selects new projects based on this segment demand- projects with good access to green areas, transportation, education and commercial centers.
Using its management’s experience and wide knowledge of The Central and Eastern European markets, Nanette is able to locate properties with relatively high potential in early stages of their development.

Nanette Robyg Warsaw

Realization of the Projects
Nanette believes that operating in the various countries requires the use of local professionals in each country, combining the local knowledge and expertise with the international experience of Nanette’s management.
Nanette establishes a local SPV (Special Purpose Company) for each project, and the funding of the projects comes from local banks.
Nanette reduces its exposure to market risks by dividing each project into several stages- the start of a new stage is conditional on completion of the previous stage.